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There is Beauty in My Brokenness!

There is beauty in my brokenness! It sounds good but what does it really mean?

My brokenness comes from years of pain, insults, aggravations, unforgiveness, and self-will. My brokenness comes from acquittances, friends, family, and self. But… what do I do with this brokenness, do I continue climbing the ladder of success, do I position myself for a title or do I just sit still and get healed?

Does my brokenness define me? Well… that is the question only you can answer. Brokenness at times will define our way of life, emotions, thoughts, perspective, love, and life journey. It will condition us to see with rose-colored glasses, think in black and white, and be tone-deaf to the voice of God. Brokenness can manifest in avoidance, self-sabotage, denial, fracture friendships, and failing health.

We must ask ourselves where is the beauty in avoidance, self-sabotage, fractured friendships, and failing health? Where is the beauty in unforgiveness, trying to control everything but being out of control? Where is the beauty in “standing in the need of prayer but refusing the deliverance”? Where is “the beauty” in trying to save everyone but ourselves? This is what we do when we allow our brokenness to define us instead of accepting the grace of Jesus Christ and the healing, deliverance, and restoration that His presents bring.

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit (Ps. 34:18 NIV) Beauty responds in healing, happiness, wholeness, and self-love. When we are feeling broken, we can obtain beauty through His closeness to us. He’s not just nearby, but close. He is right next to us whenever we are hurting. When we believe in His love and draw closer to Christ then we can see how truly broken we are. The true power of brokenness is coming to the end of our self-life and comprehending that we are finite people in tremendous need of a Savor.

To be beautifully broken requires us to embrace all our pain as opportunities to draw closer to God and receive His grace and beauty.

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My sisters, what is really stopping us from having beauty in our brokenness?

Geneen Taylor

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