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My Mother’s Pearls was birthed in 2009 on the beach in Ft. Walton Fl. God gave the vision and mission to Mary about creating an atmosphere where His daughters could hear Him without the interference of the cares of their lives. Mary’s husband, two sisters, daughters and niece embraced the vision and hosted their first Spiritual Encounter in May 2010 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of GA. During this encounter, God healed the mother/daughter relationships of those who attended.  Since then members of MMP have partnered with a women’s shelter in Atlanta GA, teaching and helping women to be God’s Pearl as well as community trainings in Pensacola FL.  In 2018 God directed us to establish My Mother's Pearls, Inc to educate, train and support others, i.e., men, women and families in their pursuit to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.



To help God's Children develop the following attributes:

P -    Power, Praise and Prayer 

E -    Exhortation of Jesus Christ in our lives

A -   Anointing from the Anointed One- Jesus Christ

R -   Righteous living

L -    Love of God

S -    Surrender to the Will of God

To cultivate an atmosphere of oneness so people can hear clearly from God. Receive His instructions of restoration and healing, thus manifesting the attributes of the Pearl.

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