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End Time Teachings


In 2017, God called MMP to launch our ETeaching Series. Our goal is to destroy the myths and help the Body of Christ to gain understanding of God's Master Plain as we serve Him during these last days. 

Elder Monique Tedder
00:00 / 41:51

The Watchman Refreshing 2022

Day 1 - Elder Monique Tedder

Watchman: You must have Understanding of God's Word

Watchman Retreat Training by Elder Tedder
Pastor Jacque McCullough
00:00 / 48:46
Watchman Retreat Training by Pastor McCullough

The Watchman Refreshing 2022

Day 2-
Pastor Jacque McCullough

 The Stance of a Watchman- It is time Soak in God's Presence

The Watchman Retreat 2022

Day 2- Prophetess Cynthia Miller

Know Yourself as a Watchman: Your Time is Not Your Time!

Prophetess Cynthia Miller
00:00 / 42:31
Watchman Retreat Training by  Dr. Cynthia Miller
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