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Pet Bonding: God's Healing Power

Fur baby. Man’s Best friend. Puppy love. You may have heard of (or even used) some of these terms. Pets have a way of making a bad day turn good. If you have ever interacted with an animal, you can understand and may have used terms of endearment. Scientists have spent many years researching the lasting impact of human-to-animal bonding. Studies have proven that the bonding process prompts a healthy way of living; by improving your physical and mental health.


 Research has shown that people with pets are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression versus a person without a pet. Why? Companionship…. the closest thing to unconditional love you can get (aside from God) …. the constant reassurance THAT YOU ARE LOVED! Studies show that a simple stroke across your pet’s back can release oxytocin, commonly known as the “feel good” hormone.


Psychologists and therapists are taking a new approach to healing, by using a variety of animals in therapy sessions. The commonly known animals used are dogs, cats, bearded dragons, and horses! Horseback riding can improve several things such as speech, alertness, trust, and engagement. Dogs assist with love and responsibility. Did you know feeling a cat purr instantly calms your breathing levels and lessens your chances of having an anxiety attack?


Did you know that owning a pet can lower blood pressure levels?  Owning or interacting with a pet has been proven to decrease cortisol levels (a stress-level hormone) and lower blood pressure, promoting a better way of living. Walking can be a great way to get the blood flowing for you and your animal. Walking increases circulation flow and is a great way to establish and keep that bond with your animal.


As a person with Three pups, I can honestly say that my dogs have been all this and more! Please join me next month as we dive deeper. We will discuss personal experiences, life struggles, and how to overcome them with God and our animals.

Please share with us in the comments your personal experiences with the healing power of bonding with your pet.

Lonnie Miller, Blogger

Edited by Mary Jackson

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Enjoyed this post. Never viewed the bonding with my pet as God's healing power.

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