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Owe No Man ANYTHING but Love!

Money Tips by Lena Chambers

Hi! I'm Lena. Let's play a game called " Where's the Money?" Okay how much did you spend in groceries last month? Entertainment? Clothing? Gas? If you can't answer theese questions then your out! Don't guess, you need to know! If you don't know I encourage you to track your spending for 30 days. Wright down everything you spend. Then put the spending in categories to see how much your spending in gas or groceries. You will be surprised!! Listen you must make your money behave by making it your slave!! You tell it what to do because if you don't Amazon has a plan for your money. The mall has a plan; Walmart/Target has a plan; your Kids have a plan... So, the best way to win with money & make it your slave is a Spending Plan/Budget! Yes, budget! Every month at the beginning of the month you should create a budget. Go to Dave Ramsey budget website. It's free & easy!! GO OUT & MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!

Lena Chambers,

Owe No Man Anything but Love

Romans 13:8

Don't get caught in financial traps join Lena #owenomananythingbutlove for live broadcast and video's on money matters.

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